Blessed are the Broke

The King is here in Spirit, but not physically. At least not yet! King Jesus promised that He will return. Until then we pray “Your kingdom come” and seek to live like subjects in His kingdom. Jesus left us with a sermon that tells us a lot about what this looks like, and he began that sermon with nine promised blessings to those who live out the heart of the King.

This morning we see Jesus’ promised blessing for those who are broke, in spirit, that is. “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” To be materially poor is to think a lot about survival and basic necessities. Materially poor people don’t ask how big of a house they can afford or how expensive a car payment they can make. They think about things like shelter, food and clothing. People who are spiritually poor do not think about what they can give God that will put him at their mercy. They do not think about how much they have to offer God. To be poor in spirit is to know that we can never put God in our debt, can never earn anything from him and can only ever be recipients of grace. These are the ones who receive the kingdom of heaven.