Christmas in August: One Last Look at the Minor Prophets

We’ve finished our journey through all 12 of the Minor Prophets! We saw Israel and Judah get warned of impending judgement and we saw them attacked, ransacked and taken away into exile. And we saw the Jews come back to the land and start rebuilding. And all along the way we heard the prophets warning, challenging and encouraging them. And along the way we saw Jesus, who wouldn’t walk the earth as a man till hundreds of years later. We saw glimpses of a coming King who forgives sin and initiates a kingdom of justice and peace. We saw glimpses of one born in Bethlehem who will break the chains of bondage to sin and death. With one last look at the Minor Prophets, it’s a great Sunday for Christmas in August. Maybe as we made our way through the prophets you saw a few Christmas lyrics in there. We’re gonna sing those songs and rejoice together in the newborn King!