Communion: On a Path to the Cross

We have arrived at a crucial turning point in the Gospel of John. The first ten chapters of John cover roughly a little less than three years. The last eleven chapters cover roughly three months. At the end of John 10, Jesus offers the leader of the religious establishment one more opportunity to receive Him as their Shepherd, the Son of God and the Christ. They refuse. So Jesus leaves Jerusalem. The next time He comes to Jerusalem, He comes to die.

But was this all a big mistake? Did Jesus’ mission fail with His death?

Or did Jesus come to die? Was the cross a crucial part of His intended path?

As we walk our way back through the John 1-10, we will see that there were hints along the way that when the “Word became flesh”, He came to do something very different and disruptive to the religious system of His people. And the hints will become more than hints, they will become declarations, that the Christ, the Son of God, the “I AM”, came to die. His road was destined for the cross and our salvation.