Do Jesus’ Words

The Kingdom of Heaven is already but not yet.

The King has come, is now at his father’s right hand, and is here in Spirit, but not here physically. At least not yet! King Jesus promised that He will return. Until then, we pray “Your kingdom come” and seek to live like subjects in His kingdom. Jesus left us with a sermon that tells us a lot about what this looks like, and he began that sermon with nine promised blessings for those who live out the heart of the King.

Everyone who hear the sermon that day could be divided into two groups. Everybody came and heard. But not everyone did what they heard. Jesus described the doers of his word as wise men who dig deep and build house on rock. The ones who did not do Jesus’ words he described as fools who build on sand. When the storm came, the house of the wise man stood and the house of the fool crashed.

Everyone is building a life. Our accountability is not for what we hear, but for obeying what we hear.