Glory, Love and Unity

The High Priest Prays (Part 3)

As we near the end of Jesus’ prayer in John 17, we find that He turns the focus of His prayer from these 11 disciples and begins to prays for us. Yes, us! He prays for those who will believe through their word!

In these last hours before his arrest and crucifixion, Jesus has given his time and heart to the last eleven disciples. He has warned them repeatedly that because the world hated Him, and because He had given them the word of God, the world will hate them too.

But there is the flip-side to this. The world will not just hate, but the world will watch. The world is watching the church. It may not always feel like we are being watched. But we are.

And what does the world see when they see the church? Does the world see unity? Love? Glory?

Maybe. Hopefully.

Jesus prayed that the world would come to know and believe that He is who He is because of what the world sees in the church.

If Jesus prayed it, then we can live it!