The Great Joy of the Best Man

This morning, back in the Gospel of John, we have the story of a best man. In Jesus’ day they called him the “friend of the groom” and his responsibilities were a lot greater than a best man’s today.
But what we learn from the best man in John 3 is the source of His joy.
The best man was John the Baptist and His joy was in the arrival of the groom.

John had to repeatedly answer questions about who he was and he spent a lot of time telling people who he was NOT. “I’m not the prophet. I’m not the light. I’m not the Messiah/King/Savior. I’m not The One. I’m not the groom.”
John the Baptist was not the groom, but he was the best man. And his greatest joy was to use his voice to prepare others to hear Jesus’ voice. And as John’s popularity lessened, Jesus’ fame grew. “I must decrease and He must increase.”

You and I must think about our greatest joys as disciples of Christ.
Because we stand in an amazing place in history.
We know the joy of speaking to people about the groom, Jesus Christ.
But also know the joy of being part of the bride, the church.