In the Double Grip of Almighty Grace

At the end of John 10, we come to the end of Jesus’ extending teaching in Jerusalem. The next time Jesus enters Jerusalem will be His last. The Good Shepherd will die and rise again to save His sheep. Once Jesus’ sheep are in His hands, they are in His Father’s hands. And once His sheep are in those hands, they are secure forever.

Nothing or no one can snatch us from those hands. Ever.

The Jewish leaders confront Jesus over His words, and He offers them His works. “For which of my many good works are you stoning me?”

He offers them His works to prove His words. If you don’t believe the works are from God, then you won’t believe the words are either. But if you will just believe the works, then maybe that will move you towards faith in my words.

This is our Shepherd! No one is wiser. No one is stronger. No one has more authority. No one does what He does to back up what He says.

We are secure.

We have the truth of the good news of Jesus Christ.

We can live lives that back up and reinforce our words.