Letter 2 of 7: Rich, Fearless & Faithful?

This morning we look at the second of seven letters from Jesus to the seven churches. What does Jesus think of these churches? What does Jesus think of the church? Is there a more important opinion by someone who knows better? Not a chance.

With most every letter Jesus has both something good to say about the individual church, and with most every letter there is a rebuke. To every church Jesus describes an important aspect of his character and to every church he gives a promise.

This morning we look at the letter to the church at Smyrna, a church for which Jesus had no rebuke. They were a church persecuted and made poor by the work of slanderers inspired by the chief slanderer, Satan. He commended them for being rich in their poverty and warned them that the devil was about to throw some of them into prison. If they would be faithful unto death, there would be great reward! In all of this, Jesus told them to fear not.