The Non-Identity of Witness

The most important question any of us will ever answer is, “Who do you say Jesus is?” The second most important question is, “Who are you?”

In an age when the prevailing worldview is one of “create your own identity and be who you want to be”, a Christian’s identity is of paramount importance. Followers of Jesus Christ must know how to answer the question, “Who are you?” The believer who tells others about the saving work of Christ must answer this question.

But it just might be that the believer must answer another question alongside this one. In addition to saying “I am” the believer must be able to say “I am not”. Knowing who we aren’t is important!

This morning we will look to John the Baptist to help us with these important questions. He was asked by the authorities of his day, “Who are you?” They wanted to know where he got the authority to baptize. But before telling them who he was he made it very clear who he was not.