Revealed Glory: Good Wine at a Wedding!

Signs. They’re everywhere. Breaking up the scenery. (Maybe you know the rest.)

In the Gospel of John, you can search to no avail for the word ‘miracle’. Not that Jesus didn’t perform any miracles in John, it’s just that John didn’t call them that. He called them ‘signs’.

What is a sign for? To point you to something else. And that’s what Jesus’ signs were all about. They pointed people to a greater reality. His miracles revealed His glory.

The first sign in John’s Gospel was very inconspicuous. It took place at a wedding and started with a simple request, was carried out at the hands of some obedient servants, and ended with a happy groom! The only people whose faith grew because of it was the disciples.
But there was something about this miracle that tells us that Jesus was ushering in a whole new era!