Ruth: The Ripple Effect of a Woman’s Faith

Today we wrap up our series on the Old Testament book of Ruth, a story of loss, risk-taking, redemption, and ultimately the sovereignty of God.

The story began with two widows, one a Jew returning home having lost both of her sons in addition to her husband. The other was a Moabite clinging in loyalty to her mother in law. The picture was bleak.

In chapter two we saw how God directed Ruth’s path to just the right field to meet just the right godly man who would play a significant role in showing God’s grace and kindness to Ruth and Naomi. Ruth had taken refuge in the shadow of God’s wings and God would richly reward her. And in chapters 3-4, we saw a risky, righteous move by Ruth and the righteous response by Boaz, their “kinsman redeemer”.

Today we reflect upon the legacy that the faithfulness and trust of Ruth had on generations to follow, and gain encouragement from her example.