Seeing and Knowing Jesus

We have been in John’s Gospel for several weeks, but this morning we finally get to a story with Jesus in it! (Obviously the prologue was all about Jesus and John, but we actually get to the story this morning.)

John the Baptist tells once again why God sent him on the scene: to reveal Jesus. To shine the light on Jesus. God used John to prepare the hearts of expectant people to see and know Jesus.

And when they see Jesus for who He is, they will see Him as:
– The Lamb of God
– The Giver of the Spirit of God
– The Son of God

Those descriptions of Jesus Christ as just as important for us today as they were for the ones who saw Jesus with their own eyes. God reveals the person of Jesus to us so that we might truly know Him as the one who takes away our sin, who is God the Son, who baptizes us with the Spirit. We need to know Jesus!