The Consummation of Kingdom Justice

God is perfectly righteous. His righteousness is expressed in perfect justice. Scripture describes God’s righteousness as a mighty mountain, and his justice as a deep ocean.

There is a lot of talk these days about social justice. There is a lot of division, fear and misunderstanding around the subject of justice. For three weeks we will be taking a look at the church and justice. Last Sunday we saw that if the church is to lead the way in justice, we must start with God and the gospel. In the gospel we find the perfect expression of God’s righteousness and justice.

This morning we will fast forward to the kingdom of King Jesus coming to earth. The prophet Isaiah had more to say about God’s kingdom than any other kingdom. The picture Isaiah gives us is of a kingdom where justice is finally consummated. God’s enemies will be defeated. The poor will receive justice. The vulnerable who were taken advantage of will see God’s righteousness on display. Sometimes in life it is hard to know just how much we can hope for in this life. But when we see the promises of justice in the kingdom, we are given hope that every prayer for justice will be answered. We also see a pattern for how the church can work for justice in the here and now.