Trinitarian Loving and Living

At the center of Christian doctrine is the Trinity. If you want to identify a cult, ask what they believe about the Trinity. We sing, “God in three persons, blessed Trinity”. Easy to explain? Not exactly. Beautiful to behold? Absolutely! Father, Son and Holy Spirit in eternal fellowship and working together in perfect love and unity.

But the Trinity must not simply be the center of our doctrine. It must be at the center of our living. Like every great doctrine of the Christian faith, it must be a part of our lives and loves and not just our affirmations. And no doctrine is more profound and powerful for our living and loving than the Trinity.

This morning in John 14, Jesus introduces the Helper. The Advocate. The Spirit of Truth. He is the reason why Jesus could promise the disciples they would do even greater works than He because He was returning to the Father, not in spite of His return to the Father.

In our passage today, we see the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at the core of a disciple’s life, making Himself at home.

The Spirit revealing the Son.

The Spirit giving us knowledge of the Father and assuring us of His love.

The Spirit giving us love for Jesus that leads to our obedience.