Why It’s Best That Jesus Left

Jesus and the disciples had shared life for roughly three years. They had shared meals and walked countless miles between towns. They had shared the joy of miracles and the difficulty of the religious leaders hatred. Jesus taught them and trained them and had offered so much guidance.And now he was leaving.

And they were grieving their loss of him before he even left.

But Jesus told them that it was actually to their advantage that he return to the Father, because in doing so he would send the Advocate, the Helper, the Holy Spirit who would represent him IN them. IN is far, far better than WITH.

The Spirit would perform a crucial ministry for them and through them.

He would convict the world of sin, righteousness and judgement.

He would continue to teach and guide them into truth.

The Spirit of Truth would do an internal work that no person can do.

Followers of Christ today can and must remember the absolutely necessary work of the Spirit. Only he can do the work needed to draw people’s hearts to Jesus. Only he can guide us internally with the words of God.

No one should love and obey the truth more than those who are indwelled by the Spirit of Truth Himself.

It is to our advantage that Jesus returned to the Father.