You MUST Be Born Again

Mother’s Day carry’s with it lots of strong feelings. For some there is disappointment. For some there is joy. For others there is bitterness. But we can all agree about one thing on Mother’s Day: Giving birth is very hard!
When God wanted to communicate through Scripture that something is painful or difficult, He used the metaphors of labor and childbirth.

If you are a mother, childbirth is difficult. If you are a baby, it’s impossible! Mother’s give birth. It would probably be better if we said, “I was birthed”, just to communicate that conception and birth are completely out of our hands! No one can just make themselves be born! We are all simply recipients of birth!

Yet Jesus tells us that we “must be born again”. Jesus demands that we be born a second time. He commands the impossible. And the results for this impossibility are entrance into the Kingdom of God. Eternal life is for those who will receive this second birth.

Jesus demands the impossible so that we will receive the impossible. Jesus commands the impossible so that we will approach it by faith in the supernatural instead of by faith in our natural abilities.

Have you been born again?