Prayer Requests

Please share prayer requests so we can lift you up! Your name and email will not be shared unless you share your name in the request itself. This updates you when people pray for you!




  • Brock Purdy is a Christian who plays for the San Francisco 49ers and I hope he’ll lead the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl 57 and 58 and win back to back Super Bowls because he’s #1 and San Francisco is my favorite vacation spot because I like the Golden Gate Bridge. Please pray for him.
  • The holidays are 3 months away and I wish I could have a ladies night out at Outback Steakhouse and do fun things for Christmas. Please pray for me. And I know sometimes I may feel sad and betrayed but I agree with Pastor Gregory Dickow when he promises that everything’s gonna be alright. And I believe it
  • I wish I could live in Chicago Illinois and attend Loyola University and study journalism music and communication in Chicago Illinois live in a good apartment in Chicago Illinois get a full time job as a journalist pay rent make friends and enjoy life in Chicago Illinois and see The Chicago Cubs and go to Bakers Square for my upcoming birthday sometime. Please pray for me
  • Please pray that I would have the wisdom to know what is right and the courage to do it.
  • Pray our new website is a great tool for community building.
  • Please pray that I get more work, Thank You!


  • 7 years ago

    God has graciously allowed us to move into a place set aside for Him!