Walking in Truth & Love

This morning we will cover the little letter of 2 John. In this letter John emphasizes two familiar words from 1 John, truth and love. He tells the church to continue in that new but old commandment to love on another and to walk in the truth.

We Know, So We’re On Guard

The biggest, most frustrating gap in our lives is the gap between what we know and what we do. We know the good but do the bad. We know the bad we should avoid, but do it anyway. But Scripture keeps pointing us to really knowing what we know and acting on it.

The Believer’s Confidence

God wants his children to be assured and confident about all of the most important things, and our text today points us in that direction.

Can I Get A Witness?!

Christianity is life in Jesus Christ with historical roots. And God himself testifies to its truth.

Faith & Love, Love & Faith

This morning we see the interplay between faith and love. John presents us with two things that happen by faith and as we love God.

Perfect Love Perfecting Us

God’s love for us can become God’s love in us. John tells us that God’s love in us can be “perfected”.

THIS is Love!

“God is love”. This truth is one of the most profound, inexhaustible descriptions of who God is in all of Scripture. God is love and he loves us with an everlasting, perfect love.