A Righteous and Just Church

This Sunday, we will be reflecting on practical steps that we can take such that God’s righteousness and justice may shine in and through the lives of his people to a watching world around us.

The Consummation of Kingdom Justice

When we see the promises of justice in the kingdom, we are given hope that every prayer for justice will be answered. We also see a pattern for how the church can work for justice in the here and now.

The Just Justifier

For the church to lead the way in justice, we must start with God and the gospel.

The Father’s Good Pleasure

Jesus gave us these warnings and affirmations to set us free. He wants us to be free to speak as the Holy Spirit gives us words to say. He wants us to be free to be generous. Our Father is fully pleased to give us his kingdom!

What Jesus Can Govern

Our hopes for government cannot go too high, nor can our fears, because what Jesus Christ can do in our hearts is our hope. Jesus can govern you and I in the deepest recesses of our hearts, down to the level of our desires.

Do Jesus’ Words

Everyone is building a life. Our accountability is not for what we hear, but for obeying what we hear.

Be Salty, Bright, and Very Careful

What we do goes hand in hand with how and why we do it. There is a way to do good works that gives praise to the Father, and he will reward that work. There is a way to do good works that gives praise to us, and that will be our reward.

Blessed are the Persecuted

This morning we take a look at the last of the Beatitudes, “Blessed are those who are persecuted…” Do we desire future, Kingdom of God reward enough that we will risk persecution and the loss of this world’s reward?