Creekside Property Update – June 2024

Greetings, everyone! There have recently been a few questions regarding “what happens to all the stuff in the church now?” This is a great question, so let me try to address it here.

First, there are a few things (not many, though) that have been included in the sale of the property.  These are things like desks, office chairs, fire extinguishers, and the tables and TV/soundbar in the entryway. These will stay with the building.

Next, there are a few items — donated books, puzzles, coffee mugs — that were mentioned during our final service and are still available to anyone who wants them. 

There are specific items that belong to individuals that were “on loan” to the church rather than having been donated to or purchased by the church. Laptops, musical instruments, and books and personal belongings in Dean’s office are examples of this. These items can be reclaimed if they belong to you, but please send a note to to indicate what has been removed if you do so. If they remain at the building past the end of June, it will be assumed that they have been donated to the church and can be disposed of along with the rest of the assets. 

Items that are property of Creekside Bible Church will be disposed of consistent with Article 17 of our bylaws, which states: “Upon dissolution… the Board of Elders shall cause the assets herein to be distributed to another Corporation with purposes similar to that identified in Article II of these Bylaws and Article 6 of the Articles of Incorporation.  This will be done either by donating assets to another church or ministry, or by selling the assets and using the proceeds accordingly.

The elders have asked Dan Beeman and Leslie Betz to coordinate the disposition of Creekside’s remaining assets.  You will be seeing additional communication regarding this in upcoming weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact the elders at