A Leader in the Embassy, A Shepherd for the Flock

Jesus said a lot about the kingdom of God. He only hinted at the church.
The apostle Paul hinted at the kingdom. He talked a lot about the church.
What’s going on here? Did the church replace the kingdom of God?

Not at all.

This morning we will think about the local church as…
… a little outpost of God’s kingdom.
… an embassy in a foreign country, where the King’s ambassadors represent Him and speak His message.
… little flocks of the Great Shepherd’s sheep.

But every outpost/embassy/flock needs leader shepherds who protect and lead it, feed and help it.

God has provided them.

This morning we will talk about the character and role of the elders God has provided for his church, the under-shepherds God has given the flock.

We will pray and encourage the ones God has given Creekside Bible Church.