Fellowship of Joy Returns (Part 2)

One year ago this week we jumped into 1 John at verse one. We made it through chapter one and part of chapter two, then COVID hit and the rest is history. This morning we’re jumping back into 1 John with the first part of a two part recap.

1 John has a lot in common with Jesus’ final hours alone with the disciples in the Gospel of John 13-17. Why find many of those glorious themes revisited, like joy, truth, fellowship and abiding in Christ. 1 John is that message to the disciples applied to a local church. John had a personal, life-changing encounter with Jesus and he tells the church that they too can have fellowship with Jesus as well.

Little did we know that this passage in chapter 2 would be so put to the test in 2020! Loving our brothers and sisters was challenged at every hand, and the only solution is to abide in Christ and for His love to be perfected in us. That’s what drives out love for the world, the pride of life, the lust of the eyes. What comes in at the root comes out in the fruit!