Meekness or Weakness?

Is it meekness or is it weakness? Is it meekness or is it apathy? Is it meekness or is it fear? Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference!

This morning we continue in our sermon series on the life of David, as the consequences of his sin continue to unfold in heartbreaking ways. David’s son Amnon, who sinned in a horrifying way against Absalom’s sister Tamar, has died at the vengeful hands of David’s son Absalom. David seems to have been weak with both of them. He was furious at Amnon but didn’t seem to take any action. He longed to be reunited with Absalom, but would not take the steps to make it happen. Maybe it was fear. Maybe it was apathy. Maybe it was shame and guilt.

Now Absalom is bent on taking David’s throne and taking over the kingdom. David basically lets him do so. Is he living out of fear and apathy again? Is he giving in to weakness? Or is this something different? Could this be meekness?

Jesus Christ was meek. We are called to be the same. What does this look like? How can we show restraint and patience, trusting God to work things out for His glory, when everything around us and in us is telling us to take control and show some strength?