Preserved, Canonized and Indestructible


We are finishing the year with the sermon series, “God’s Word To Us and To the World”. We started with the second half with International Day of Prayer For the Persecuted Church and with Dr. Margaret Nikol. We have been blessed to be able to hear about, pray for, give to and encourage persecuted believers.

Last week we started at the beginning, with God’s word to us. In the doctrine of Revelation we find God’s self-disclosure in His world and His word. He pulls back the curtain that we might see Him in His power and truth. In the doctrine of Inspiration God insures that the words Scripture’s authors wrote were the very words God wanted written, such that we can say that the bible is truly the word of God.

This morning we will see how God preserved His word from generation to generation and even language to language and how the 66 books of the bible are the final canon of Scripture. Kings have tried to destroy it and philosophers have said it would disappear, but the bible has proven to be indestructible! God’s word endures forever!

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