Sanctity of Heathen Life

Every year during the month of January we pray for and give to the ministry of PACN and observe Sanctity of Human Life Sunday.

‘Sanctity’ is a word that is quite foreign to the ears of the average person in the year 2020. Sanctity describes something that is sacred and of utmost importance. So by observing Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (or month), we are proclaiming that we believe human life, especially that of the unborn, is sacred.

But are we willing to extend that same belief out to our neighbors? Do we honestly believe all life is of utmost importance? Even the life of the person who disagrees with me or is very different from me?

When he was in the city of Athens, the apostle Paul encountered a city full of idols and altars to hundreds of gods. This was a city filled with hedonism and heathenism. Still, there were core truths that Paul knew about God, and in turn about people, that allowed him to approach people with dignity and respect.