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New Sermon Series: Psalms of Ascent

We start this morning with an introduction to the Psalms of Ascent, those prayers that were prayed and songs that were sung by Jewish pilgrims on the way to the temple in Jerusalem. They were prayers for the journey, preparing their hearts to worship with God’s people in God’s temple where his glory dwelled.

And no matter what direction you were coming from, when you travelled to Jerusalem you travelled up. It was an ascent.

We no longer make pilgrimages. We no longer have a temple where we make sacrifices. Jesus has torn the veil and the way to God’s presence is open to all without need of a plane ticket!

But we are still on a journey to a city that will one day come to us! And we need prayers for that journey. From the Psalms of Ascent we will gather prayers that we can pray together on our adventure with Jesus.