Taking Refuge and Finding Favor

Ruth 2

Today is part two in our series on the Old Testament book of Ruth, a story of loss, risk-taking, redemption, and ultimately the sovereignty of God.

Last week in chapter one the story ended with Naomi feeling the weight of her circumstance. She was a widow who had lost both sons, returning home after 10 years in another country. She could not see much hope for the future. But Ruth left everything to go home with Naomi.

Today in chapter two we’ll see how God directs Ruth’s path to just the right field to meet just the right godly man who will play a significant role in showing God’s grace and kindness to Ruth and Naomi. Ruth had taken refuge in the shadow of God’s wings and God would richly reward her.

We invite you to join us as we join Ruth on her journey to identify with the people of God and put her trust in the One who saves.