The Lamb King

The religious leaders had Pontius Pilate backed into a corner. They had played their trump card. ‘You are no friend of Caesar if you don’t crucify Jesus!’. What is Pilate supposed to do now? He knows Jesus is innocent. His wife warned him of a dream she had in which she was told Jesus is innocent. He is about to crucify an innocent man, all to save his own skin.

And the religious leaders are no different. They want Jesus dead so they can save their power and position with the people. They declare allegiance to Caesar just to get it done. In reality, this is politicians fighting over whether or not Jesus should be crucified.

Both Pilate and the religious power-holders are declaring allegiance to Caesar as king. In doing so, the one true King is laying down His life to complete the work His Father has given him. He is the Lamb King, the Passover Lamb who dies to set his people free.