What About Justice For Me?

Looking back to what was going on this time last year, there is much to grieve and much to be thankful for. There has been change and loss the likes of which most of us have never seen, and on top of that deeper division in our country.

But it was during 2020 that God took us on a journey through the Minor Prophets. We saw in them God’s great covenant faithfulness and love, along with his holiness and justice. His people were facing His judgement because of their unrighteousness, displayed not only in their idolatry, but in the way they treated the vulnerable people among them, the poor, the widow and the orphan and the immigrant. We also saw that in the gospel, God’s righteousness and justice are on beautiful display! The cross of Christ is where God’s love and justice meet and his righteousness is seen most clearly.

This morning we will make it much more personal. What about when my own life doesn’t seem fair? What about when I suffer injustice? One of the many things to love about the Bible is that it is filled with real people who asked real questions and suffered in real ways. Some of them asked these very same questions.