Who Gets Amazing Grace? The Weak and Humble

If you’ve been around church for very long, you’ve likely sang about grace that is amazing. But we need to ask a big question about amazing grace: Who gets it?

Who gets it, as in who understands it? Do any of us really understand it? Not just grace as a doctrine, but grace as the gift of God’s power to save us and keep saving us. Jesus was full of grace and truth (John 1:14). We are to grow in grace and knowledge (1 Peter 3:18). It would seem that there is growing in our grasp of truth and then there is growing in truth’s grasp on us, the living out of grace. Do we get it? Does it amaze us?

Who gets it, as in who receives it? This is the question we will be answering one piece at a time in the coming weeks.

This morning we will answer the question, who does God give grace? Who gets it? Weak people who have been humbled to know they are weak.

The Apostle Paul was seeking to influence the church in Corinth while they were being impressed by “super apostles”, men with charisma and rhetorical skill. They were men who knew they were strong. Paul played their game and gave a long list of his accomplishments for Jesus. But all of that was nothing. Where the true power was found in his life, where God filled his life with amazing grace, was in his weakness. God had humbled him and made him to see his need for grace.