Who’s in Charge Here?

Power and the feeling of the freedom to choose are two sides of the same coin. Both point to the desire for control. Everybody wants it. Everybody craves it. Does anyone really have it?

In John 18, we come to the final hours of Jesus’ life before the cross. And in this chapter we find men with all sorts of power and control.

Judas leading a big band of soldiers to arrest Jesus.

Peter with his sword. And his denial of Jesus.

Caiaphas with his pragmatic scheming to do the expedient thing.

The official slapping Jesus to remind him in his place in this scene.

And in the middle of it all is Jesus Christ, the only one with any real control. His display of self-control in this situation is miraculous. The miracle of restraint in the face of such arrogance when absolute power is in His hand.

The real power we need is in the fruit of the Spirit of self-control. Power is in surrender!