Faith & Love, Love & Faith

Way, way back in the 300’s, St. Jerome said this about the Scriptures, “The Scriptures are shallow enough for a babe to come and drink without fear of drowning and deep enough for a theologians to swim in without ever touching the bottom”. Over the years many bible teachers have applied his words especially to John’s writings. Our time together has certainly proven this to be true.
And yet we find that in John’s Gospel and letter there is a lot of repetition. So many reminders. This morning we find ourselves in a passage about faith and love. Haven’t we already heard so much about faith and love in 1 John? Why go over this again? Because John went over it again and it’s the simple, foundational truths that need to be reinforced.
This morning we see the interplay between faith and love. John presents us with two things that happen by faith and as we love God. By faith we are born of God and we overcome the world. As we love God we obey him and we love others.
Faith and love. Like love and marriage, horse and carriage, we can’t have one without the other!