From What to How to Leftovers

Jesus is faced with a huge multitude of hungry people who have followed him and his disciples into the countryside because of the signs he is performing.
The “What”: Jesus is intent on feeding this hungry multitude enough to satisfy them.
The “How”: How do you feed this many people? That’s a lot of money! There’s nowhere nearby to buy this much food!
The Bible tells that he knows exactly what he is going to do, but he is testing the disciples. He wants to see how they will trust him in an impossible situation, when the “What” is clear but the “How” seems impossible.
And Jesus comes through. Not just barely. Not just with a snack. But with a meal that leaves everyone full. With tons of leftovers.
At Creekside Bible we constantly talk about taking the next step of faith. Pick up your foot to show grace and speak truth and leave the consequences in God’s hands. The biggest hindrance to walking by faith is probably the question “How?”. How will this work? How will this turn out? How will I serve this person? How will we afford this? How? How?
Jesus wants us to trust him with the “How” and believe that he can provide all that we need above and beyond our expectations.