Hindrances to Trusting Jesus

Jesus healed a man who was lame for 38 years.
He was persecuted because He healed him on the Sabbath.
Jesus explained that He did so because He was working with His Father.
His enemies started plotting His death because He claimed to be God.
Jesus explained that He and the Father exist, save and judge in loving equality. And He had testimony to prove it: John the Baptist, His miraculous signs and Scripture. His enemies searched the Scriptures trying to find life, but refused to come to Jesus to get life.
Why? What was the hindrance? They knew the Scriptures. The Son of God was standing right in front of them. But rather than trust Him they continued in their unbelief. Why? What was holding them back?
It was their misdirected reliance on Moses, their lack of love for God and their need for honor from one another.
We are not much different.
We can work hard FOR God without actually LOVING God.
We can only love others to the degree that we do not need their approval.