God’s Power for Shiny Saints

One big question that people have asked since the first day of the “Thanksgiving, No Complaint Challenge” is this: “What if I don’t complain out loud. Is that still complaining?” Most of us are finding this to be true. When we start trying to kill a bad habit or start a good one, that behavior alerts us to an internal problem. And we all know that a problem on the inside is the true problem behind the problem on the outside! Our heart is the problem!
What are we to do? What happens when we find complaining, a lack of thanksgiving and a lack of faith are embedded in our hearts? And, honestly, what difference does it make in the grand scheme of things?
It makes a huge difference, because in this world complaining, grumbling saints shine no light. They are dingy and drab in a world that is in desperate need of bright and shiny.