The Deeper & Bigger Picture of Groaning

This morning we finish our four-week dive into the world of complaining. Last week we saw that complaining goes deeper and wider than we think: it comes from the heart and it affects our witness.
This morning we will see that it goes even deeper and even wider than we imagined. The Bible begins with “God said…it was good”. The Bible ends with everything made good again. But in between there is brokenness and sin, complaining and groaning, sorrow and despair. All of us who have the Spirit of God living in us carry this groaning around in us as well. And it can become a subterranean complaint whose presence we are unaware of. It can lead us to hopelessness. But it can also lead us to patience as we wait for the blessed hope. One day “every sad thing is going to come untrue” and the sadness will not even compare to the glory that will be ours.