God’s Word, God’s Heart, God’s Work

When you study the Psalms you find something surprising and possibly shocking. You find the Psalmist speaking of Scripture the way one would normally speak of God. Delight. Love. Hope. These attitudes are wrapped up in both God and Scripture.

And when you move from the Psalms to the New Testament, you find something else surprising. All of the things that Scripture is said to do, our Trinitarian God does. And all that God does He does in, through and by Scripture as well.

What God is trying to do is get us to truth and then through truth to personal encounter with Himself. And He is moving through the meaning and truth Scripture into our hearts. Who wouldn’t love a book like that!?

This morning we will stick our toes into the water of the Gospel of John as we begin a journey through John that will take us over a year to complete. The hope and prayer is that this will be an encounter with the word and the Word, or the Word through the word, that will leave us transformed like never before.

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