The Word Was

The Word was. Do you want to finish that sentence? Do you feel uncomfortable without attaching an adjective like ‘long’ or ‘difficult’? Or maybe a preposition would be in order? ‘In’? ‘Behind’? Are you dying to attach a verb? ‘Running’? ‘Breathing’? None of this seems to make a lot of sense, especially if the word is an ‘it’ or a ‘thing’. But the Word was and is not a thing or an it. The Word is was and is a person. And before the beginning He was.

We live in a culture that tends to define people first of all by their actions. We tend to look at one another as nothing more than the sum of our deeds. We can be a bit uncomfortable with simply being without thought of doing. But in the beginning, before the beginning, the Word was. And the Word was with. And the Word was.

And the Word created and the Word was life and light. All that the Word did flowed out of all that the Word was.

As we dive into the first verses of the Gospel of John, taking the first steps on a long journey through this Gospel together, we start with a perplexing few verses that could leave us scratching our heads in confusion. Or they could leave us in awe and wonder! They could work a greater faith into our hearts!