At Home in the Truth & The Truth at Home in Me

“Make yourself at home!”
What could that possibly mean? Do you really want me to do that? Do you know what I do at my house? At this time of the night I usually have my pajamas on!
When we’re at home, we’re free. The house is all ours. No nook or cranny is off limits.
So it is when we are at home in the truth, in the words of Jesus.
And so it is when the truth, the words of Jesus, are at home in us.
When we welcome the truth into our lives, it wants the whole house.
It wants to set us free to live like children who will inherit the house.
Jesus wants to do this by His word.
Is the word of Jesus making progress in you?
Truth will make progress until it runs into a lie.
Jesus can set you free from the law and from lies!