Jesus is greater than Rowing

In the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel we find an Exodus situation with a new and better Moses. Like God fed the Moses-led Israelites with manna as they traveled in the desert, so Jesus fed a multitude far away from town by multiplying just a few loaves and fish.
At the burning bush, Moses encountered the “I Am” who would split the Red Sea and bring His people to safety. Jesus would announce Himself as the “I am” while walking ON the Sea of Galilee in a storm towards His disciples. Once Jesus gets in the boat the disciples immediately arrive at the destination they could not reach while rowing.
Who is this man? That’s the most important question any of us can seek to answer.
He is the I AM. He is greater than any self-effort.
We start by faith and we keep walking by faith. His life bears fruit in us.
Jesus > Rowing