Joy That Conquers Sorrow

Everyone on the face of the earth has experience grief and sorrow of some sort, because grief is mostly about loss. Everyone has lost something, the loss of which caused grief.

– A job

– A pet

– A friend or family member

– A dream that will never be achieved or a goal never reached

– A spouse

– Direction

Every loss is accompanied by sorrow.

God is realistic and honest about our griefs. He understands our weeping.

Jesus addressed the sorrow the disciples were experiencing as the reality of His departure settled upon them.

Jesus told them that joy would be theirs, and it would be a joy that would overcome their sorrow and the world’s effort to take it away. It would be joy at seeing Him again. It would be the joy of praying to a Father who loves them and seeing Him work.

The same joy can be ours. A joy that replaces sorrow and a joy that runs to the Father who loves us and tells Him everything.