How to Misjudge and Not Believe

– ‘Go to Jerusalem when it’s really crowded and make a splash with some miracles and you’ll really get a following!’
– ‘He’s a good guy. But I wouldn’t say that out loud because we might get in trouble with the authorities’
– ‘You broke the law of Moses! You can’t be the Christ!’
Jesus tells all of these that they are judging by appearances and not with right judgment. They were motivated by fear and unbelief.
Jesus is true. Jesus is genuine. He is the real deal. How can we know this?
– He spoke the Father’s words for the Father’s glory, rather than just making a big splash to get a crowd with flashy miracles.
– Anyone with a bent towards obeying truth and not just hoarding it would know that Jesus’ teaching came from the Father.
– Jesus went to the heart of God’s law and kept it to the fullest with love and compassion.