Peace the World Cannot Give

It doesn’t take much time looking around our world to realize that the crying need of the day is peace.

– Peace between nations, families and individuals.

– Peace in the hearts of people.

Where will the world find peace? There are two common paths most people take:

– Live as if the problems don’t exist

– Look to science, education, technology and politics to save the day

But the disunity, conflict and fear of this world is too prevalent to ignore for long and too deep for humans to solve.

Peace is a gift from God in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ. In our text this morning, Jesus promises the gift of peace. And He promises a peace the world cannot give. As believers, it is easy to fall into the belief that Satan is winning the day. But Jesus assures us that this is not true. What appeared to be Satan’s victory over Christ was actually Jesus’ submission to His Father. Satan is not the final authority in this universe and the kingdom of God is never in trouble.

Jesus’ submitted Himself to shame, humiliation, suffering and death and in doing so was lovingly submitting Himself to His Father. All so that the world may know!