Testimonies for the Judge who Saves

– Jesus, a man from Nazareth, claimed that God is His Father and that not only does His Father have life in himself but he has life in himself as well.
– Jesus claimed that if you dishonor him you dishonor God.
– Jesus, a man whose parents people knew, claimed that one day all dead people will hear his voice, rise from the dead, and he will judge them.
– Jesus of Nazareth also said that if you will hear what he has to say and believe the Father who sent him that you will pass from death to life right now and never have to come into judgment.
Now, I’m not sure what sort of adjective you attach to claims like that: outlandish, audacious, irreverent, crazy, bizarre, extraordinary, amazing
I’m sure you want to slip in Missouri mode: “Show Me!” Prove it!
Because if these claims are lies, then Jesus is a liar of the worst sort. He is lying about the most important matter in the universe. You just don’t lie about stuff like this!
And if they are lies but Jesus believes them, then he’s crazy.
Jesus knows this!
Isn’t that a lot for one man to be claiming? At the very least, do you have anyone who can testify on your behalf?
This is not a scientific question. This is an historical question
We do not take a scientific approach to Julius Caesar or Napoleon or Harriet Tubman. We don’t ask what science says about these people because this isn’t a matter of science. This is a matter of history. This is a matter of what the witnesses said.
– Who are these witnesses who testify on Jesus’ behalf?
– What is their testimony and can it be trusted?