Transformation Confidence

Look around you and you’ll find no shortage of people telling how you can have more confidence. There are books and blogs by the thousands telling how we can be more confident, bold and free. But far more often than not there is a word added to confidence: ‘self’. Self-confidence is the big seller. Is self-confidence really what a follower of Jesus Christ should be aiming for?

This morning we will be looking at the bold confidence with which the Apostle Paul went through life and carried out his ministry. In 2 Corinthians 3 Paul made a claim about his ministry that could easily come across as sounding arrogant and overly self-confident. But Paul was quick to point where his confidence came from. His sufficiency, his adequacy, was not found in himself. It was found in the hope of the gospel and the life and freedom giving work of the Holy Spirit.

This morning and next week we’ll be considering Creekside’s vision of being transformed one step at a time, of being rooted in Christ and overflowing with the fruit of His life in us. Are we confident that we have everything we need to see this vision of life transformation happen in ourselves and in the neighborhoods and nations? Can we live out this vision with boldness and hope? The resounding answer is, “YES!”