When Jesus Offends

“No offense, but…”
You generally know what’s coming next!
We started John 6 with 5,000 men listening to Jesus teach. He fed them all and they followed Him to get more bread.
But then there was grumbling. Then there was arguing.
Jesus talked about His flesh and His blood, about giving His body for the eternal life of those who believe.
And the crowd got smaller and smaller.
Until there were only 12 men left. And one of them was a betrayer.
We have been looking at John 6, which we’ve been calling the New Testament Exodus. We have the new and better “Moses”, who provides bread for multitudes. We saw the I AM who doesn’t just part the sea but walks on it. God provided the Israelites bread under the leadership of Moses, but He sent His Son to be the living bread. The Israelites ate God-given manna but an entire generation died in the wilderness. The Son of God is Himself the bread who gives life eternal.
But this is offensive truth. It causes people to stumble. Some stumble and fall and never get back up. They cease to follow. Others are offended but push through to find life in Christ.
Jesus offends. What will you do with that offense?